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16th of April 2005
8th of January 2005
8th of December 2004
31th of October 2004
11 of September 2004
22 of August 2004
5th of August 2004
31th of July 2004

The Idea of this section is to keep up tu date people who are interested of what's happening over here... Also to provide some kind of a less specific part which would remind my good willed but faraway friends of stuff like what I'm studiing, which year I'm in, what are my normal activities etc etc. so that we could easely restart a long time neglected comunication without having them feeling uncomfortable of asking stuff that they esteem would be normal to know. that somtime keeps me  of  writing  to  people : not knowing what they are doing, and consider all that I would need to explain to them so that they would understand what I'd like to share with them right now...

So the general stuff :
I'm 22 years old, I have been living here for a little mor thant 2 years. I'm studiing history in a university in  Viña del Mar (see www.pucv.cl). I've just started the third year (boy! time is going fast).
I live with my parents, in Maitencillo (pictures here)during the week I stay in a room in Viña del Mar, not to far away of the University. the thurstday night we do a bible study in a restorant in same city,
I'm studiing hebrew and greec...
an try to let some time for sports, specialy brasilian jujitsu, (see bjj.org if you wander what it is) and surfing when I can.
the week ends we alternate once going to church in Santiago, once going to El Tabo for a Bible study (have a look here).
Still giving french lessons.
My birthday is still  the 17th of June. (I wonder why that never changes)

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16th of April 2005

I haven’t been very good at keeping you (english speaking people who look from times to times in this page) informed. Since last time I wrote, many things have happend as you can imagine.
We have been visited by Nancy, friend form Canada that we met in the conference of Peru, we had a summer camp here in Maitencillo, 20 to 80 people came during that week from diferent points of Chile, just enjoying body-life, studding Philippians, washing their teeths looking at each other’s face, going to the beach nearby, it was beautiful ! We hope it is the first of a looooong seiry y .

Also we have José and Natasha, a Swiss couple (well, she es Mexican, an he has Spanish) who set appart 3 years to study God’s character comming here, and going to our new: Instiuto Bíblico Mayor Gracia. It is a very beautifull an humble step of faith, cause they lived a very good situation in Switzerland (materialy speaking) to come to... another world.  They are now renting a little house near our’s so each other very often.

So our Bible School opened it’s doors in march... many people and very enthusiastic. Kathy, the girl who was living with us last year moved to Santiago, also to take classes there. She has been enjoying a lot. I don’t see much of the bible school and all that, because I’m quite busy over here. But when I go on sundays and I speak to people I can see that bible school is a real blessing. My father also is giving a class of cultural anthropology... he is having so much fun. He’s traveling every saturday with José and Natacha (many classes are concentred on the weekend to alow people who work to come) and he have been changing a lot... every thing he shares seems to be much deeper, more mature.

Bible studies on Thursday night continue, everybody is growing at their own rhythm (though every rhythm has something to do with each other). I’m still giving French classes to 3 of the girls who assists to the study. I wanted to give that classes as a service to are little community, and this year there is nobody else from “outside”. So I’m quite happy, beacause we need to get closer, and that little class has exactly that purpose. It is now much easyer also because I’m using a french manual so I don’t need to make al the material for the class.

Now that Kathy is gone, we arn’t really alone : Kristel, my cousin from Switzerland came to spend a few months with us, and also Gabby, an Ecuadorian friend came for a few weeks.
Also my grand mother is moving very soon over here (she has sold her house of Santiago and now her new house is almost finished here...) and there is a very good chance that Kathy’s family would be coming nearby soon !
Funny. We’ll see what God has in mind !

ah ! and have a look in the brand new guestbook... it's still all in spanish, but if you have a little imagination you can can leave a message. love you all !!

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08th of January 2005

I’ve been quite busy capturing those little butterflies, when I was not working on my Hebrew or surfing... it is so nice to do things in a rhythm in which you can relax... I have been reading quite a lot too (but without taking notes, just enjoying good reading). I can now enjoy being with the body quite better too... we had such a good time a couple of weeks before christmas with baptisms in pst Gary’s house in Santiago. It was planned to borrow a little kind-of-swiming-pool-thing to celebrate the batisms at the church, but something happened (what we would be tempted to normally call “a problem”) and we all went to pst Gary’s. It was so beautiful there... that “ceremony” is so simple... so human.... people gathering around a round swimming pool on a kind of little hill of grass, just a little bit nearer to the sky just to slightly suggest the orientation of what those people where doing there... the connection with the eternal wasn’t made by the splendor of everything, even though it was really made with care, respect, and joy.... but the guaranty that this little immersion had everything to do with eternity was that we where people who knew that He had made all the way down to gather here, on earth, with us.
And what a beautiful thing indeed to celebrate that during Christmas time... again, just us, little people in a world so large in a too deep space and time... just a special meal with specially dear people, special songs that talks of that “magic” story, so bizarre that many do think that it is just a fary-tale... and that image, made up with imagination by Manola, like a gathering of sea weeds, little stones an shells that bizarrely (because those elements are all just insignificant pieces of stuff thrown out on the beach by the ocean) had this astonishing capacity of evoking again the coming of God on earth... an image bizarre enough to remind how bizarre indeed is that God have come to evoke with human flesh and blood what is the more pure and high. Even the angels, those mighty heavenly creatures were represented  with a little pieces of weed. Disrespectful ? no... perfectly adjusted to the logic of divine revelation into the human realm.
I’d like to mention another thing before getting everything ready for going to Peru (we are going there for a conference where we will have special time to put ourselves together, both in the individual and in the corporate sense, around the Word and the vision that it gives us for Latin-America). Do you remember Primvera ? the girl who talked about God with a guy for the first time, whose picture you can see here ? well, as you can deduce of the diferent times I have finished mentioning her, it is one of those little persons who is very near to our hearts... and the heart of God, cause all those more evident-God-prepared-happenings seems to happen to her (though I thing I haven’t talked about half of that on this site). She needed to work this summer, and the only thing she could find was something far from her home, and in a situation not very “recommendable”. But funnily just this week as this other job didn’t work, and the moment she got super seek and began getting a little desperate about the job (in her family it is important for her to use her holidays to gather a little money) a Guy from Maitencillo (the town where we live) who owns half of the Maitencillo’s business (the bigest little supermarket, the only internet café, etc etc) said to may father (almost as desperate as Primavera) that he and his wife needed a nanny for their little boy cause they had a problem with the other nanny... the day after Primavera was comming here and today she has a wonderful job, well paid and very near of us... she will be able to spend time in the summer camp we are planning for february, well! What can we say! If you can’t arrange things to happen yourself, you can be sure that it is God who does it !
Ok. I have to prepare my suitcase.

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8th of December 2004

I assume that putting news regularly is just a strange dream that comes to a mind conditioned by a culture made of clocks, calendars, agendas and a bunch of categories made to imprison a time which flows in an irregular stream. This irregularity is not so bad... it shows that the flow is actually alive, becoming the very reason of giving news: things goes on !
On monday I had to pass the last exam of the semester, so I’m in Hollidays at laaaaast !!! I’m so happy cause I have had quite good marks (though not brilliant, at least much better than last semester) and I actually didn’t need to worry to much. I think the stress level was also quite lower than in other test-times. My father said a week ago in the bible study something like : “Christian life is like beeing in a boat... you can travel in the bottom, under de sea level, near the engine, or travel in the top near the swiming pool in first class...” when you realize how safe is your destiny in the hands of God, you can face problems and stuff much more relax... seeing the challenges and different situations coming with this time-flow becomes pretty much like enjoying the view. Valley of stress becomes just a pass, not a prison.
Well this time has been very rich of new ideas... I have many things flying around in my head that I would like to write down so I wont be longer with this news part. I think I wont feel free to do anything before I cach some of these butterflies that distract me. 

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31th of october 2004

Well well well here we go again. Definitely I have to write less, and more regularly. I think I’ll start today. At least with the “less” part, and next week with the “more regularly” part. Spring time has definitely come. Flowers growing everywhere, days nice and sunny. Some time it gets quite horrible though when I have to read another 150 pages sitting in front of my desk with the waves calling just there (I can see the ocean throught my window !). but I dont complain any more... I’ve come to realize that if I thing of the beach when I am studiing or when I think of all the stuff I have to do when I am doing something else I don’t take the opportunity nor of enjoying my studies (wich I do love indeed) nor of relaxing when I’am spending time with someone for example. It is incredible to see how much your life can change just in switching a little bit your perspective. Incredible to see how miserable I could get even having such a great bunch of blessings: beautiful people around me, nice place to live, the kind of studies I like, and a loooong etc.... That “etc” becomes a weight if I don’t have the discipline of being grateful.
Ok, let’s talk a little bit of the blessings. I have a room in Viña del Mar to stay during the week. The one I had before was ok, but I couldn’t lock the door from outside (cause it was a room that I rented in an flat of certain people) and the owner liked to go on the balcony (witch you can only access throught my room) so I was constantly fighting with him... well and last week when I had to pay the rent for next month, sombody gave me another adress and in one day I was out. I’m not going to get into details, but what was simply unthinkable to do on one day (I could make a little list of all the things that would have make it impossible to do), was done the next. In that new place I’m feeling much more comfortable. I share only the kitchen, the garden, and the roof (the roof because this week there was a lunar eclipse so we got up there with maté and pillows) with 3 other young folk, who are very nice people to be with. Nicole (who told me that there was a spare room there) is learning Hebrew  too, so I practice quite a lot. Andrés is a future veterinary, with a long story behind him (he is a little older) and very fond of what he does. So there is always a good conversation to have with him. Lucy, (tuty for her friends) is finishing her studies of oceanography and makes great natural juices.
Pray for them would you, cause we have a very good contact.
We have been having so much fun with the people of the Thursday night bible study... It is very special to see how in a little group, people who at first have only few things in common, like the desire of knowing God a little more, and having met somehow those strange people called the demartins,  start to come, and to know each other, and start feeling well with each other, so that when you talk with sombody of the group it is not any more “just him” it is “him and all those links that ties him with me and those other peole linked with me and with that person”.... I don’t know if I’m being very clear... the thing is that those ties, so human, like having lunch with sombody, or say some trivial stuff, can become so edifying for every one...

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11 of september 2004

Too much time is passing by, if I let it go too much the task of writing a bit about here becomes pretty much like the 12 tasks of Hercules.
At university things are going well. Still very enthusiastic about history. This semester I have a class of “religion”... witch is obligatory for everyone cause it’s a catholic university. I already had a course last semester of “origins of christianism” which was awful. The priest that gave the class said that his goal was to bring our faith to a “more mature” state, but actually the only thing that he was able to show was that the bible was a bunch of human inventions, not trustworthy at all. Wacala (Chilean expression of disgust, pronounced for example in front of some bad meal, which corresponds to the English “Yac” Very expressive indeed). So I wasn’t expecting having something much better.... but for my surprise the teacher started the class exactly as I always start a conversation about the Bible: “All that I’m going to say is based on the assumption that God exists, and not only that he exists, but also that he reveals himself to man. I thought “wow ! at least we already have the base in common !” then he continued, and when a student asked why the God of the old testament seemed so different than the God of the new, well he answered and concluded this way : “just remember this : it’s all free, you can’t do enough to please God”. People of my church would easily recognize what we so much talk of : Grace ! I really started to like the guy. Not because Grace is a GGWO thing and I’m in GGWO, but because grace, the “freeness” of the relationship with God is what the good new is all about. It was the fight of the apostles, of the reform, and of all bible believing Christians of all times and denominations.  In his class Mary has her proper place, nothing more, and he is so enthusiastic about the Bible, and what he explains, and he is so pertinent responding to students (the priest of the last semester was a shame for all Christianity)... so I am very very happy of finding the confirmation of another thing that I often say to people when they object “yea, but there is so many interpretations of the bible, it is surely because it is not very clear”... I always say something like “you see, when you get into the Bible an look for what IT says and not what YOU would like to find in it, you cannot come to many different conclusions” and definitely I can see in this man that it is true. Bless him !
Another major event of this lasts weeks have been the introduction of a new specie in the demartin’s garden. I’m talking o Pachi and Choropavarotti, 2 beautiful chickens who’s job is to eat the snails that terrorize my mother’s little plants.  Pepa has been going through an education process, learning that they are friends, not food, and she has been learning very well. So all the family is fascinated by this feathered pair. Even Gribouille (the cat) sometimes follow them during hours just staring at them, showing how interesting they really are.
This week I started French classes with a couple of people from the University, and also Carmen and Carol, two girls that comes to Thursday bible study. I’m happy that we can do more things together...
Another great new was about last Sunday. I had my very first jujitsu competition here in Chile... and really it was a gift from the beginning to the end. I asked God if he could make that it would take place on the afternoon giving me the opportunity of going to the service in the morning in Santiago... an he did. I was quite nervous... I noticed it the night before, that I didn’t sleep at all (not kidding)... well, the thing is that I finished second of my category, and beautifully. The fights that I won, I won them well, and the one that I lost, well I almost won it. but it was well not only technically speaking (and I’m really amazed that I was able to do what I did) but also because somehow the character of Christ showed up and that gave me more glory than anything else. Let me explain : I had to fight a guy witch is the son of a teacher of a quite big jujitsu school of the capital... he has a very high esteem of himself and you can see it miles away. He is good, and it seems that in his school he is pretty much adulated... well the thing is that from the start I was better than him, and that made him very angry. Once the fight needed to be stopped cause he was too mad, and the second half he was really aggressive. The thing is that when I won people from every school that was present came to hug me, an congratulate me. I realized that people were looking at that fight more than the others, and that I was seen as the “good one”... I wasn’t expecting to win, nor to be applauded. But I had both, a trophy and more applause and sincere congratulations than I would ever expect. My friend Hernan from the church of Santiago came to support me, waited with patience, and took the pictures that you can see here.

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22 of august 2004

Every thing is going well over here. Some times, like now when I seat down to write about what have been going on around here, I see only “normal” stuff... a lot of beautiful little things that would sound (at least to me) a little bit... unnecessary to say because when it is not you the one who is going through them... well it just cannot have the same emotional weight... for example : if I start to write about how happy I was to be able to be on time this other day to some class, that I was late, that I didn’t know where it was, that I didn’t know even what the class name was, and that as I was walking I asked God just to send me someone who would know where that thing was going to take place, If I tell you that it was a little challenge for me, that I trusted God (that means that I decided not to worry, ore feel stressed) and that I confidently walked in the university without knowing where I would go next, and that a that precise moment somebody that I knew arrived, walking fast cause he was late too, and that he was able to guide me.... well...  I was going to say that you certainly would not be that happy to hear it... but that would be assuming that your life is so much above that kind of little stuff, and surely it is not. So I’ll continue a little bit. If you get bored you can quite reading right now, and I’ll never know 
I dont remember on which day I heard pst Gary preaching about Daniel’s friends, saying to the king of Babylone : “no sir, we are sorry. We wont bow in front of your statue. You can throw us in that big fire if you want... our God certainly can deliver us... and if he don’t... well, don’t even play your instruments again, because we simply won’t bow”  then he pictured them walking toward the fire, not like those strong man of faith that fear nothing (do they exist?). You know like this Nike expression “no fear”. They didn’t know if they were going to be burned alive (which was very probable actually) God didn’t even say to them : “go confidently into the furnace, you wont get burned”... they just went and found that God was in the very middle of the fire ! they had all this time to get so stressed...
So, of course... our life is most of the time not as dramatic as that.... I had a lot of probabilities to get late, to that class, and I also had a chance to find somebody to help me... but the quality life changes completely when you allow God to be God, and choose of not bowing before your stress, or your fears...
You can go to the Bible study on Thursday night, knowing how little and imperfect you are, still hating for some stupid reason somebody you have to work with, but just trusting God an beeing able to see him make happen things so beautifully, so edifyingly well...

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5th of august 2004

this week I was supposed to start the new semester. I wasn’t sure actually... I have always problems to be sure of that kind of stuff on time. I went to my faculty Monday morning, trying to do every thing in the right time at least this one... but oh surprise the computer system wasn’t working, and there I had to wait and wait and wait... well I spent there the whole morning and it was done. Now I got to know that we have still one week meant just for the inscription stuff, so I’m glad to say that... I’M STILL IN VACATIONS !!!

My mama wanted to go in a little country-side road near here to get a couple of big cactus for her garden. So we got there my mum, Katy and I (by the way Katy is a girl in whose house we are meeting for the bible study in el Tabo. She is the older sister of Primavera, remember ? well. She is now staying for a while with us, cause she just finished her couturier school and she havn’t found a job yet. So meanwhile she is spending some time at ours’ and making some couturier work over here) we got some nice cactus and came back. But I forgot the machete (sort of long knife, you know those indiana jones style) over there. So today after my mama had past her driving exam (you have to pass it again when you havn’t been driving for long... that was the case of my mum) we went there again my mum and I. We had to pass a couple of little rivers that cut across the little road... remember that it is winter over here and it has been raining quite a lot. That makes look all the reagion very beautiful... all the flowers appear, the plants and trees get a brand new green color as a result of the rain that wash their leaves of the dust and work together with the sunlight in making every thing alive .. it’s pretty like a spring season... You know, Pedro de Valdivia, the first spanish conquistador who decided to stay in Chile, in a letter to the king of Spain said “This land is better than any other to live and perpetuate”... when you get to this so called winter season which is actually like a spring you come to grasp a little more why he was saying that.

We found the machete right in the place where I had left it... my mother with her brand new driving licence continued driving with the 4 by 4 up and down, in the midst of this amazing road... we stoped some times when we saw a spetialy beautiful tree or cactus, she took a whole bunch of yellow flowers which matched so well with her yellow sweet-shirt... she didn’t see it, and I hadn’t any batteries left in my camera... so I’m sorry. The vision will remain just mine and Pepa’s.

We knew the road would finaly arrive to a bigger main road (with asphalt and all that) but just before getting there whe had to cross over the Estero Catapilco... wich is the bigger of the little rivers near here and the one that arrives to the ocean. There was quite a lot of water, but I had been already (the year before) driving trough places like that, I knew that the bottom is of rocks, so steady, and that place is a normal place to go through... so I was confident. My mother not that much so a drove in.... boy ! when the front weels where in... well all the nose of the car was in the water too... impossible to go backwards. But it was much deeper than I had thought, so I would’nt risk to go any further... pff ! whe got to a house near ther and ask if ther was any tractor, or other car to guives a little help... I was happy to see that they had this nice red 4 by 4 truck. But a woman who had come out I guess with the sound of our engine triing to pull out the front wheels from the water... she said angrily something like “are you crazy ? nobody crosses the river now, there is far to much water... I can’t help you” so we walked a bit to the next house (there was a couple of houses there because it was near the main road) and asked to a worker if he or sombody else could guive us a hand... but their 4 by 4 had a flat tire. He told me that if we would wait for the husband of the friendly woman we already talked to maybe he could help...

We got back near the car... then I wondered if it would be really that deep... so I took of my shoes, rolled up my trousers and get in the cold water. It arrived to my thigh... and then it was getting less deep... so I said to my mum “start to pray, we’re getting in” she answered “no way ! you go if you want, but without me. And there I go.... the first part of the capot got under the water (pretty like those submarines in the movies) and when the back wheels where in, I was confident again. Steady ground, going upwards, the water wouldn’t even have time to get inside. From the other side I yelled to my mum “do you want me to carry you ?!?”
“no no, don’t worry, I’m taking of my pants, just guive me you hand”. It was so funny walking hand in hand in the cold water... she stared to laugh an lagh an lagh... “This morning I read that every thing worked for the good o those who loves God ! hahahahahahahaha” I continued to laugh.
I’m sorry that I hadn’t batteries though... you’ll have to content yourselves imagining us crossing and in hand with Pepa swiming arround, my mother with her flowers in one hand, her shoes and pants around the neck giggling half nude in the Estero Catapilco.

On of the things that most pleased us was of no needing any help of that moralist stinky woman, or her housband ! “nobody normaly pass trough ? are you sure ? what about the crazy, happy and good looking children of the All Mighty ??”
God is so gentile with us...

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To make yourself an idea of the little road

This little waterfall is beside the road and it's waters cross it.

the first is Katy the second Pepa... both with her own kind of sweetness

Manola Demartin showing what she's ready to do for a new cactus in her  garden !

david cactus
the good looking one competing  with a catus and a barbed wire of who's has more spikes

31 July 2004

tomorow will be my last day of  vacations... time goes too fast, as always. God has made me pass the end of semester  exams... he really was the one. I've come to realize how poorly representative are somtimes the evaluations... some times I study like like a mad man, and when I see the marks that I've gotten I wonder how I was able to get such a bad evaluation. during the exams it was a little like that also : I had better points in a subjetct that I struggle with (economics) and in history of Chile, where I did answer knowing presisely what I was talking about, I just maintained the same mark...
anyway. God has been faithful.

My parents came back from Baltimore with 2 beautiful books as birthday gift... one of Gleason L. Archer (an outstanding scholart who did an Introduction to the OT which is a reference with a big R) titeled Encycolpedia of Bible Difficulties and another of Chuck Colson (right hand of president nixon, now head of Prison Fellowship Ministry). I have been reading quite much this one which title is How Now Shall We Live... it is quite strange because it gives a taste of "Man, the world is going so bad" and at the same time it makes so much sense that is admirable.... definitely the Bible, has THE answer. Well that 500 pages book have been quite central in my vacation (I've almost finished it) that's why a mention it.

we had such a great time with our friends of Tacoma. 13 people who came with their pastor (dct Dietrich), first to Santiago, and then here to the coast.... we where quite nervous of all this people coming over here... I mean really. My father had his stomach making killer-loops inside him and I was starting to see things quite dark... there was a lot of tension. but when the day came every thing happened very well... a place for the bus, not loosing anybody while we where walking in Valparasio (many oportunities for that kind of stuff to happen, I can tell ya), find a taxi for Emily (a girl who had a problem to her knee) when we where up the Cerro Alegre... I know it didn't looked to be that difficult, but we where in a place where no taxi would come find clients... somebody had to go al the way down (maybe 10 minutes) to come back with a cab (5 more minutes maybe) while some people worring, not being able to continue the visit (which wasn't so terrible, but undertand that we wanted every body to enjoy, so having pst Dietrich pst Gary, and a couple of people wating... well it was a kind of trial)
but as I start to walk the little light shined, I entered a hostal, I asked if I could be guiven a radio-taxi telephone number, and 5 minutes later we where going down cerro alegre in cab (quite alegres) towards the restorant where we would have lunch.... I had the oportunity to get to know Emily an Sarah (who came back by cab), so from something not nice, came somthing very nice.

during the afternoon we evangelised in Viña del Mar, many people stoped to see the sketch board (forming a crowd of easely 50 people)... it was the first time we had evangelism in Viña.... reallly the help of the body from Santiago and Tacoma was a super-gift for us. we alone could not make happen all that, you know... then we gathered in the same restorant where we have the thurstday night bible study (the owners of the restaurant thought he was dreaming of having all this people coming whith the weirdows of thurstday night :-) great time indeed.
skech viña
settling the sketch board in calle Valparaiso (Viña del Mar). soon there would have been many people listening to pst Gary

the weather which had been fine until then, showed that it wasn't something that easy.... it started to rain really heavily... but everybody was already inside... again put yourself into the organaiser's skins and you'll feel what a relief it was for us to see that our Lord didn't permit THAT rain to start an hour before !!

the same week we went to the south visit our people in Linares. there we had a very heart warming service (people from the south are really special you know... they are not only friends, or brother... they have dimension of sweetnes which is very particular to them.... think for example that a girl named Ines payed a bus ticket from linares to the next town just to have time to say good bye properly when we left.

well the day after was quite strange, for me... I was expecting to go and evangelise as we do normally, but we went to Palmilla (a very small town 20 minutes far from linares) and there dct Dietrich saw patiently every people that needed a doctor, in the local community clinic (a little house not to far of a pair of cows).... then the people would go and talk with pst Gary about God... it was wonderful... many many people came to Christ that day... but apart of writing down Servandos' adress (the local leader) in some tracts... well I had to wait :-) I confess that in some moment I started to feel a little annoyed... because I didn't know what was happening inside there I wasn't supose to do anything... so even talking with a couple of people, I wasn't feeling too confortable. It was only later that I realised the pacience and humbleness of dct Dietrich, and the beautiful results that it had... then I understood... if God want's to keep you waiting, well he has very good reasons for it,  and even when  you feel you're waisting your time... it's God's time, and he use it so well.

In the end of the afternoon we went to another little town, Panimávida... we waited quite a lot there too while dct D was worcking hard... but I was so blessed. I saw David (a guy from the group of Tacoma) starting to explain to the kids outside the house the solar sistem, the planets, moons, stars, galaxies etc etc... he used  a piece of coal he find I don't know where to transform the pavment in a big school black-board, colonizing it with numbers, light years and stuff... you know, all this kid get ther few notions of science from teacher who dont know God, and are very far away of liking what they teach with with it's true meaning : the universe speakes of the gratness of the Creator... it was beautiful.

One girl named Primavera, who came with us (she is 15, from our bible study in el Tabo) started to talk with a man who was waiting for his turn with the doctor... she found out that he didn't know how to read the tract she gave him, so she gently read it for him. He accepted Christ as his savior, and Primavera who for the first time of her life evangelises sombody find's herself leading him to Christ ! she wasn't very convinced, nor to come, nor to talk to anybody about God... but there she found that God would do all that through her !!
that made an enormous change in her, I can tell ya...
Tomorow we One girl named Primavera, who came with us (she is 15, from our bible study in el Tabo) started to talk with a man who was waiting for his turn with the doctor... she found out that he didn't know how to read the tract she gave him, so she gently read it for him. He accepted Christ as his savior, and Primavera who for the first time of her life evangelises sombody find's herself leading him to Christ ! she wasn't very convinced, nor to come, nor to talk to anybody about God... but there she found that God would do all that through her !!
that made an enormous change in her, I can tell ya...
Tomorow we are going to Santiago from here (Matencillo), and she insisted (Boy!) to take the bus alone from el Tabo (it's the first time she will do that... she'll take the subway and all that fraightening stuff) to be at the service.
Bless her !are going to Santiago from here (Matencillo), and she insisted (Boy!) to take the bus alone from el Tabo (it's the first time she will do that... she'll take the subway and all that fraightening stuff) to be at the service.
Bless her !

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primavera cote
There you have Mare (nick name of Primavera) the guy she was talking with and Cote (or Zeze or José Luis Petit, depending the case).  Cote was taking some information to fill up a medical sheet to help dct Dietrich